We are more than a vibration company. We have the experience and tools to not only diagnose machinery problems, but to fix them – on site and quickly. With our extensive background in the fan manufacturing industry, you benefit from our expertise. Our portable field instruments include: CSI 2130 Machinery Analyzer/Data Collector/Balancers, Schenck Vibrotest 60 Vibration Analyzer/Balancer, Commtest vb7 Analyzer/Balancer, CSI Ultraspec 8000 Laser Alignment System, Fixtur Laser DU20 System, Shortridge Airdata Electronic Micromanometer.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Dynamic Balancing, Single and Multi-Plane Dynamic and in-place Balancing
  • Alignments Using Laser Technology
  • Start-ups, Inspections To OEM SpecificationsRotor Condition AssessmentWear Pattern Evaluation Comprehensive Machine Condition Reporting
  • Parts Change-outs, Shafts, Bearings, Complete Rotating Assemblies, Couplings, Drives, Supply and/or Install
  • Heating / Cooling Coil Repairs
  • National & International Rates

Our crew of service technicians is available to provide emergency repairs as required, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

– What is it?
A procedure to modify the center of gravity of a rotating element.

– Why balance a fan?
Excessive vibration is tough on machinery. It reduces component life, increases stress, causes noise, increases power consumption, and in extreme cases, results in dangerous running condition and possbile catastrophic failure. Unbalance is the single most common cause of excessive fan vibration.

– How is it done?
For single-plane balancing, a balancing instrument uses two sensors, speed and vibration, in order to measure the amount of vibration (amplitude) and location (phase). Multiple sensors can be used for multi-plane balancing. The instrument then calculates a correction based on adding or removing a specific weight at a specific location. Correction is made, and the procedure is repeated until the required residual unbalance level is obtained.

Precision laser alignment of couplings

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